Thursday, May 28, 2009


just wanna have a bit of a whinge.

so the teaching thing has been going great.. for the most part the kids are fab.

BUT today i had the biggest brat of a kid in my class. he didn't participate at all, yelled, screamed, threw things, jumped on tables, and was generally a big, fat pain in the ass for an entire hour. i tried moving him, i tried the silent treatment, i tried the death stare, i tried raising my voice and eventually i just gave up. that kid is a fruitcake. and as soon as he acts up all the other kids join in and then it's impossible to stop. ugh.

the other thing is my bike. i love my shitty third-hand bike, its amazing. but when i'm riding for 30 mins to and from work every day.. WHY does the wind ALWAYS work against me? i can't feel my legs and i reckon i average a speed of about half a kilometre.

that's all. rant over.

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