Tuesday, June 9, 2009

poking and prodding

back home in australia, i have a massage once a month. it relaxes me.

having been in japan for two months now, i thought it was time i tried a japanese massage.

normally you take your clothes off and get oiled up. i walk in and find that there are numerous people in the room on benches and i'm thinking, wow, so we all get naked in here together? ok. i've been to an onsen. i've got this.

so i start pulling at my shirt and gesture to the massage therapist that i'm going to take my clothes off. she makes an 'X' with her arms (this means 'no' in japan). she says i should lie on the bench with my clothes on. what?! so i hesitantly get on the bench and she then proceeds to put not one but TWO towels on top of my clothes (i'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans by the way) and starts poking my back.

i think the whole idea is to hit pressure points and relieve tension, but i like my therapist mel in clovelly better.

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