Monday, April 13, 2009

tokyo madness


went to tokyo for the weekend and came back with a few less brain cells but had the best time ever. my new friends and i went to akihabara (electric city and manga central), shibuya, shinjuku and roppongi.

my favourite parts:
  1. the boys trying to figure out the best way to pick up japanese girls in the 'love & sex' section of the lonely planet phrasebook.
  2. constant references to lost in translation.
  3. singing kelis ft. andre 3000's millionaire.
  4. laughing so hard it hurt my stomach muscles.
  5. speaking engrish (english with a japanese accent).
  6. comic porn in akihabara.
  7. drink tickets that come built into cover charge at all bars and clubs in roppongi.
check out these pics - a barbie clothing store in shibuya, porno manga dolls in akihabara, and shinjuku at night.

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