Wednesday, April 1, 2009

you just got told!

ok. so today was a great day. i made friends with an aussie guy called stefan, and we went into downtown nagoya, got lost in translation, found some adaptors, ate cheap curry and beef and rice, shopped for groceries at the 100 yen store and traveled the subways without getting lost.

but we got told. twice. by elderly japanese women.

the first time, we were on the train. we were happily seated when the lady next to stefan glared at him and said something rather sternly in japanese (loud enough for everyone else on the carriage to hear). you didn't have to speak the language to know what she was on about. note to self: stand up for anyone who looks older than you (or has grey hair). we will definitely remember that rule!

the second time we were in the internet cafe just whispering amongst ourselves when the old lady sitting across from us gave us a death stare, yelled at us in japanese and then proceeded to yell 'GET OUT!'. giggling proceeded.

lessons learned: stand up for your elders and no talking in internet cafes.

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